Athenry is a spectacular, smooth, full-grain aniline leather that comes in a set of vibrant and modern colours. It combines classical leather tanning with the 21st century pallette


Tara is a top quality corrected grain leather providing durability, reliability and a great yield.


Classic aged leather with a pull-up affect. Ideal for restoring furniture or giving new pieces a feeling of authenticity and permanence.


Mallow is a modern twist on classic semi-aniline leathers. The leather is selected from the highest quality skins meaning it is a charm to work with.


Classic, smooth half-grain leather with matt finish and slightly waxy touch. Ideal for stylish contemporary furniture. A favourite for corporate and office settings.


Liffey is a hard-wearing, by-cast, coated leather providing an inexpensive and reliable solution for high-use contemporary furniture. 


Modern, chic contemporary half-grain leather with a contrasting tip effect. Just right for setting your furniture and design apart from the crowd.


Versatile, heavy weight, corrected grain leather. It's strength and endurance makes it a high-yield, multi-functional material that is particularly suited for commercial upholstery.


Beautiful, embossed leather to give your furniture and leather goods an exotic and exciting look.


Dazzle people with this foil transfer onto genuine leather. All the  glitz and glamour you can imagine.


Rathlin is a beautiful distressed aniline leather.The traditional finishing techniques used give it a natural, rustic aspect which matches perfectly the warmth and friendliness of traditional Irish furniture.

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Magnificent full-grain leather manufactured from carefully selected bull hides. The thickness of the leather and its classic tones mean that it is prefect for traditional, ageless furniture design.


Signature half-grain leather combining a smooth, sharp finish with beautifully soft handing and a fantastic colour range. Essential for architects, interior designers and furniture makers.


Full-grain, two-tone leather produced using the finest quality bull hides. This leather has a majestic elegance making it a great choice for stand-out design pieces.


This elegant, full grain leather exudes style and luxury. Newbridge is a classic leather that works perfectly in contemporary and traditional settings.


Magnificent half-grain antique hides combining a contrasting two-tone in the leather with a matt finish.


The most exquisite and chic pure aniline leather. Soft to the touch, exquisite to look at. For connoisseurs of leather, style and fashion. 


Beautiful full-grain, aniline leather with a slight two-tone finish. This leather is a perfect combination of the contemporary and the traditional.


Heavy weight leather made with superior hides to produce a high and consistent yield. Warm and comfortable luxury.  


An elegant, smooth leather with a pearlescent finish. Bringing a modern twist to your leather. 


Distressed, two-tone leather. Soft and warm to the touch with gentle tones that match perfectly with both classic and modern furniture. Ideal for contract furniture.

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